Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Some things I learned today:

  • Don’t trust ladders that have been left in garages for 18+ months.
  • Florida soil works like quicksand when you stand on a ladder.
  • Ladders won’t give out until you’re just about to reach the roof.
  • Air conditioner units  and ladders are not soft to land on, or so I’ve been told.
  • A 9 foot fall, chest contusion, and various other scrapes and bruises won’t keep my husband from getting the job done.

Even though we did end up going to the ER later in the day, Jamie still managed to rake the roof, remove the trees that were growing up there and cut down some branches that were hanging over the roof.  Thankfully some of the rain from Tropical Storm Debby washed more of the dirt and leaf mulch off.

Jamie will be spending the rest of the night resting his bruised ribs, back, butt, arm, neck and elbow.  The work crew will be spending the rest of the night pulling together the finishing touches of everything that needs to be done.  I get to go out and meet the guy to buy the Craigslist refrigerator that we need to pass the FHA appraisal.  Please let this work.

One thought on “Sunday, Bloody Sunday

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