We Won!

Well, maybe we didn’t really win, but it sure feels like it.  Friday the 13th has just become a very lucky day for us.  After waiting 206 days for a house with no kitchen or light fixtures, and a giant hole where the master bathroom should be, we finally got the keys to our little piece of the American dream.  Ok, scratch that.  We didn’t actually get the keys.  But we were given the code to the lockbox that had keys for the back door in it.  Needless to say changing the door locks are high on our list of things to do (we bough new door knobs yesterday when we knew closing would be ).

So without further ado here is 321 Space Century Lane

A lovely, 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1 hole mid century home with palm trees, manatees, lizards, and giant live oaks.  There is a lot to do, starting with moving in.  Which we have already started thanks to our long distance moving pod being delivered this morning.  We haven’t seen our stuff for almost 10 months and I have a feeling most of it will be going into a yard sale.

So, let the fun begin!

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