Yard Circles

We knew our front yard had a cool walkway, but 18 months of little to no lawn care made it very hard to tell.

We could tell that the stepping stones were circles.

I started by using the shovel to cut the grass away from the edges of the stones, getting on my hands and knees to clean away all of the grass and built up dirt.  Next I used the hose and a scrub brush and cleaned all the excess dirt.  I did that over and over and over again for the better part of the day today.  And I’m so happy I did.

It looks amazing!  I was blown away by how big the steps were.  The big ones are about 3 feet across. We also had no idea that there were more stones along the front of the house.  They were completely covered in grass and bushes.  So we cut back the bushes and repeated the process from the front steps.  Please ignore the messy, over flowing garage.

And this is where we uncovered hints of previous owners.  Buried deep under leaves and bushes was a little decorative stone.  When I first found it I was a bit scared that it was a gravestone for a beloved pet.  Love does indeed make all things grow.  I’m thinking of keeping it as an ode to the love that this house has experienced. And if it is a grave stone I don’t want to have a pet cemetery  situation on my hands.

It was hard work.  My shoulder is still burning from all the digging, but it was so worth it.  Eventually the front will be fully landscaped and the house will be repainted, but we need to figure out what the house wants to look like first.

Have you ever unearthed any ancient artifacts when landscaping/reclaiming your yard?

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