The Shed

There is a very large shed in the back yard.  It is the thing nightmares are made of.  Who knows the horrors that lie in that simple wood building in the yard.

I didn’t get pictures of the garage before it was cleaned out.  But it’s your lucky day.  Come on a tour of the shed with me.  Just inside and to the left you will find…

…tires, sliding glass doors (not sure what they are for), tile, lizards, old paint, grout, bags of cement, chair cushions, chicken wire, hubcaps, insulation, old VCRs and VHS tapes, speakers, window screens, containers of who knows what and some metal shelves.

To the right you will see…

…a refrigerator, more tile, more thinset, more old paint, an old beach chair, one of those fun exercising bands that Josh Brolin used in Goonies, life jacket, lots of feathers, a suitcase, lizards, fake plant centerpieces, saw blades, a broken plant stand, florescent light bulbs, boxes of stuff, lots and lots of stuff.  Lets look closer.

Tennis rackets, bags of cement that have turned into cement blocks, old caulk, lizards, bondo, kerosene, Raid, more tile, a light fixture, paint, spray paint, patching stuff, enough floor sealant and feathers to tar and feather the neighborhood…

…old pictures, documents, bank statements, wheels with wires sticking out of them, newspaper, shopping bags and lizards. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.   The only thing I didn’t see in there was the kitchen sink.

This is my mission today.  It will be cleaned out by the end of tomorrow.  I’ll share the after photos and some of the treasures I found that can’t be seen in these pictures (because that would ruin the suspense if I showed them now).

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