A Trench Runs Through it

Today we voluntarily let 3 men into our house who preceded to jack hammer a trench in our kitchen.  I of course use the word kitchen loosely since there isn’t much there, but after today there is even less.  Part of the kitchen plan is to turn the kitchen from a U shaped kitchen to a kitchen with an island.  So in order to do that they have to run the water and electric under the floor.  It’s no fun having the water pipes run along the floor, you know, tripping hazard.

So this is where we started this morning:

As you might remember from this post there used to be a countertop that spanned this corner.  They took it out yesterday and moved the sink over about a foot today to get ready for the giant cement saw to come in today.  After lots of noise, dust, and the horrible smell of burning cement dust we ended the day here:

Doesn’t look bad does it.  I should have gotten pictures of the during stages, but we were hiding out in Sarah’s room.  More on that in a later post.  Do you notice the grey splatter on the wall under the copper pipes?

That’s splatter from the saw.  They kept it wet to keep the dust down- I would hate to see this place if they didn’t do that. I’ve found this splatter all over the kitchen and the front hall.  This place is a gross dusty mess and I’m refusing to walk around barefoot.  They are coming back tomorrow to remove the tile from the backsplash, so more dust.  We will clean the house after that’s done.

This is what it looks like under the boards.  It’s weird seeing dirt floors in your kitchen.  But I guess it has to get worse before it gets better, maybe?  Thanks to this process we did learn that we don’t have terrazzo hidden under our tile.  Oh, well.

Our contractor wrote on the wall to let the guys know how far to dig the trench. We had to add our own writing on the wall as a reminder (las isla bonita).  Now to try and relax, ignore the dust and rest for what’s left of the night. Tomorrow is more dust and noise.

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