Ultimate Power!

I’m a Star Wars geek. While I can’t wield the force, I still can have unlimited power. In preparation for the kitchen remodel, I bought the tour-de-force of garbage disposals that any Sith or Jedi would be pleased to grind bantha bones in. It’s not even in yet and it has me shouting:

You may be asking what’s this have to do with mid-century modern design. My answer is … absolutely nothing. However, we do live on the Space Coast and this machine has some series NASA-like ingenuity. Named the InSinkErator Excel Evolution, experts call it the largest residential-use garbage disposal one can put under a sink (Cue the Tim “Tooltime” Taylor grunts!). Hard-core rubberized connections with four “stomachs” encased in silencing fiberglass with a ONE FULL horsepower engine for grinding food waste, sharpening spears for an entire Ewok village or just mulching a flower garden. Things just got real, folks.

Did I mention FOUR stomachs? This thing has four stomachs like a cow or an ox or better yet: A deer! That’s right I said a deer. But a ferocious deer! A cunning, quiet, voracious deer … like this one:

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