Painting of a Falcon

Our middle son loves Star Wars (he takes after dad).  He wants his whole room to be Star Wars.  I wanted to paint a picture for him, like I did for Sarah’s room.  In our searches I found something that I thought that I could recreate.  This print of the Millennium Falcon from Nerdyboyfriend was simple enough for me to recreate and would add lots of color.

I started with a 2×2 piece of plywood that I bought at Home Depot.  I sanded it and spray painted it a soft yellow.  The grain of the wood shows through since I didn’t prime it, but I’m ok with that.  I think it adds something.

I blew up the image as large as I could get it on my computer screen.  I help my paper up to the computer screen, used it like a light box, and gently traced the image with pencil.  Since I just use a laptop, it was only big enough to trace it on to a pice of copy paper.  I used marker and traced over the pencil lines to make it darker.

I knew I wanted the image to be bigger so I taped 4 pieces of copy paper together to create a large piece of paper.  I taped the first traced image to the window (now using the window as the light box) and traced about a 1/2″ around it on the bigger piece of paper.  Then I free handed the details, retraced it with marker and cut it out.

I put the cut out template on the wood and traced around it.

I painted the area inside the pencil lines with a white primer and then painted it with white craft paint.

I drew the details in by hand.  Looking back I realized that I could have skipped the second tracing and just traced it bigger right onto the wood.  I used paint pens to draw the details and to touch up the white areas.

For the words I decided to just use vinyl stickers that you can buy at the hardware store.  I knew I would drive myself crazy trying to get a crisp, sharp line.  The letters are black in a white rectangle and I didn’t want the white rectangle.  So I trimmed around them with scissors.

Normally to get a straight line I would have measured up from the bottom of the board in several spots, drawn a line across and touched up the line with extra paint.  However since I spray painted the wood, touching up the line would be really hard to do.  So, instead I placed 2 lines of painters tape, one even with the bottom and one just on top, to create my straight line.

I stuck the stickers along that line, painted the edges black and called it done.

We haven’t hung it up yet.  We are waiting for a few other things to arrive before we hang it up.  I might go back and add more bright yellow.  The spray paint is much softer than I would have liked.  Maybe I’ll even trim down the board to make the image more size appropriate for the canvas.  Or, maybe I’ll just leave it alone since Ethen likes it the way it is.

Things I learned:

  • I should have gone bigger with the image
  • I should have gone brighter with the paint.
  • Don’t use a primer that is shellac based.  It’s great to create a crackle finish, if that’s what you are going for.
  • Be careful what type of paint you use.  The paint I used dried plasticky and sticky and I had a really hard time keeping it clean while I was painting other areas.  Dust, hair, lint, and fuzz kept getting stuck in it.
  • Don’t be impatient.  This is going to be a reoccurring lesson for me.
  • Again, go bigger.

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