The New Number

Besides the circle pathway and tackling the overgrown backyard, the house numbers were a top priority for outdoor projects.  We started with tile numbers that were glued to a board that had been screwed to the wall.  There was no way to get to the screw, since the tiles had been glued over the screw, so I ended up just prying it off the wall and praying for the best.  I needed to keep the numbers intact just in case it took a few days (for deliveries and such).

The tiles were a little too classical or Spanish colonial for our taste.  Luckily, they came off pretty easily.  What I found underneath was a bit confusing, but hey it’s going to get covered back up so not a big deal.

I bought a piece of poplar that I thought would be wide enough to cover the big brown square.

I was wrong.  So off to our local Ace Hardware to try to find a solution.  Thankfully they are only about a mile from the house.  What I ended up with was a 1″ wide piece of wood (and 8 feet long) that is used for lattice.  I decided that I could mount a piece on the top and bottom of the poplar creating a little bit of a frame and in the process covering the extra space that needed covering.  Here’s a picture of the lattice behind the top of the piece of poplar.  Sorry, it’s hard to see.

Once I got the pieces all cut to size, I sanded them down and attached them together with small nails. I should have done pilot holes through the lattice strips.  They split very easily.  You can’t see it from the front, so I’m not too worried about it.  The numbers we used are these from Home Depot (the packaging looked different at our store).  You can either mount them flush or floating.  We went with floating.  I used the template to mark where I needed to drill the holes for the numbers, but the template was off.  I just wanted to double check to make sure the screws for the numbers lined up and they didn’t.  I’m glad I checked.  It was an easy fix though. Here is the board with the holes all ready to be stained covering what it’s supposed to cover.

I set the board outside after I was done staining it so it could dry in the sun.  I, being highly impatient, couldn’t wait to see how it would look.  So, I set the numbers on top of the board.

After it was dry, the screws went into their holes.  The screws were a bit long and suck out the back.  Jamie used a little hack saw to cut them even with the wood so it would hang flat against the wall.  I had to get a bit creative to hang the finished numbers.  I used interlocking panel clips (that I picked up at Ace).  There was a little bit of fiddling and a touch of improvising, but I got it to work.

Here is the before again:

And the after:

We are really happy with how it turned out.  Because I always need to worry about something, I worry that the stain is too dark.  I guess we will find out the next time someone tries to find out house.  It’s an easy fix.

Here you can see the floating numbers better:

The next big outdoor project is refinishing the front door.  It’s in serious need of some love.  Oh, and in case you were wondering what type of stone is used on the front of the house.  Well, it’s coral.  I guess in 1965 it was OK to use coral as part of home construction.

Our fireplace is made out of it too.  It’s really pretty and very unique.

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