Getting a Handle on it

We still are missing drywall.  There is still a trench in our floor.  Our sink is still being held up by a 2×4.  The counter top is just a 2′ by 2′ corner.  I know it’s only been a week since we had to move everything out, but when you have to cook for 5 people it gets a little old.  I also know that it’s not changing anytime soon.  Our poor electrician was sick all week with heat stroke and our city’s zoning department doesn’t want to give us a permit for the work that needs to be done (it’s been 3 weeks). Oh, well.  On the up side I heard our cabinets are ready to be picked up.

To keep my mind off of what we don’t have, I’ve been trying to figure out the handles for the cabinet doors and drawers.  Even with removing an entire wall of upper cabinets and turning the one wall into an island, there are still a lot of knobs.  I’m as confused as ever in which direction to go.  There are 3 possible options style wise: vintage, vintage reproduction, and modern.  I first thought I would want European styled cabinet pulls.

Sleek, simple, easy to find and purchase, but way too trendy.  I knew this option was out when my mom bought them for a house she was flipping  (I’m sorry mom, I still love you).  I’m the type of person that hates pink because girls are supposed to like pink (even though I secretly like it in small doses), I avoid decorating trends (even though I like some of them), and if you tell me everybody’s doing it I won’t do it.  I want to be myself, but I can’t be myself if everything I do is just like everyone else.  I’m complicated.  Anyway, back to cabinet handles/pulls.

First, lets look at vintage options.  I’ve been looking on eBay and Etsy to find vintage handles.  It’s hard finding large enough lots of matching handles, so we’ll probably have to go with one handle for the drawers and another for the doors.  This would be good for the drawers.

But, part of the downfall with original vintage knobs is that they might need to be refinished (time and money).

These are in great shape and would be great for the cabinet doors, but I’m not sure I like the idea of having this type of handle on the doors on the lower cabinets.  They could just go on the upper cabinets.

The next option is vintage reproduction.  I haven’t done too much looking in this area.  Rejuvenation has the most iconic mid century option, the boomerang.

But, I worry that the boomerang is too expected for a mid century kitchen.  I also have a hard time doing what’s expected of me.  I told you I’m complicated.

Finally, modern handles.  I’ve mostly been looking at inspiration kitchens and what they have for handles.  I know I can find the actual handles with a little google searching.  I like the simple lines of the handles in this first picture.


I also like that the cabinet handles are horizontal to match the drawers.

This kitchen has the same handles on the lower handles that the kitchen above has, but the upper cabinets are different.  I like this idea since we only have one wall of upper cabinets.


Since, the bottom cabinets are going to be tiger wood, maybe something less prominent would be good.


Actually writing this post has helped me out a bit.  I think I might know where I want to go, for now.  I’m not going to tell you, since I will probably change my mind 1,000 times.  I’ll share it after we’ve bought them.  I guess I know how I’ll be spending my down time today.

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