Bathroom Projects: Day 1

Our house has 3 bathrooms.  One tiny one with a shower, the one that got the quick and dirty “makeover” so we could buy it, and this one with the very original raised bathtub.

Some time during the history of the house the vanity and floor tiles were replaced.  I suspect the previous owner, but I could be wrong.

The slate tiles aren’t too bad.  They work with the grey tub and with the time period, but the vanity is a bit too new for my taste.

The room is full of all sorts of little projects that I want to get done.  Painting is on the top of the list.  The wall color is the same color that the whole house is painted.  EVERY room is this peachy beige color.  And can you see the spots on the ceiling where the light bulbs have “burned” shadows?

The there is the vent cover that needs to be reattached to the ceiling.  It covers the original bathroom fan.  When the texture was applied to the ceiling and walls, they coated the fan too.  It still works, but it grumbles a lot before it gets going.  But once it gets going it sounds so much better than modern fans.

The original medicine cabinet is here, but needs a little facelift.  I’m sure I can get it to shine again with a little love.

The tiles around the top of the room are coated in dirt, wall texture stuff, paint, and more dirt.  It all needs to be scraped off and the tiles cleaned.

This picture doesn’t even begin to show how gross this is.  The grout is yellow (not on purpose) and needs a good cleaning as well.

The first project I decided to tackle was the caulk around the bathtub.  It was grimy, despite the scrubbing, and missing in most areas.

So, using a trick I learned over at YHL, I taped off around the tub and spread the new caulk.

This was an amazing, stupendous, wonderful idea!  My past experiences using caulk always ended up very messy.  This time it came out clean and only where I wanted it.

Beauty!  I know it doesn’t look like much, especially since the grout is so dirty, but it  looks great in person, if you know you are supposed to be looking at the caulk.

Here’s the short list for this room (in no particular order):

  • fix the caulk around the bathtub  done
  • paint the ceiling
  • remove the gunk off the tiles around the top of the room
  • paint the walls
  • refinish the medicine cabinet
  • clean the grout
  • get matching lightbulbs
  • get a shower curtain
  • get accessories
  • replace the drawer handles
  • re-caulk around the base of the bathtub
  • new to us light
  • new to us mirror
  • new to us vanity
  • possibly new floor tile, one day
  • figure out if we need to have the tub reglazed or if there is a cleaning product that will get rid of the white grime in the tub

Mostly little projects that can be done during the 3 hours that Ben is at preschool (YAY!), which makes it a little less daunting to tackle.  Check back tomorrow, when we tackle the grime on the tiles.

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