Bathroom Projects: Day 2

Today’s project was removing the grime, paint, dirt, wall texture stuff, and did I mention dirt off of the tiles that are around the top of the room.  This is what I started with:

 I started just using water and my Dobie.  But that wasn’t getting me very far.  It got some of the grime off, but didn’t dent the wall texture stuff.  So, I stopped to rethink the situation.  I decided to kick it up a notch and use the box cutter.  I scored along where the wall and the tile met.  Next, using the box cutter, I would scrape as much of the “stuff” off the tile as possible (I know, bad tool owner- I was having a lazy moment).  Using the Dobie, I went back and scrubbed the tiles clean.  I used a damp towel to wipe the excess debris off of the tile.  I didn’t get any during pictures because: 1) I was balancing on a ladder/vanity/bathtub/toilet with a box cutter that was being improperly used, 2) this was a messy dirty job, 3) my lazy moment lasted longer than I like to admit.  Feel free to pick any 2 of the 3 excuses.

Parts of the wall around the bathtub area looked like they needed to be sealed, so stray water droplets wouldn’t drip down behind the tile.  I decided to caulk around the tile in the whole room.  I used the trick mentioned here, but only taped off along the tile.  I figure since the caulk is paintable it’s ok if it gets all over the wall.  And that brings us to this picture:

But wait, there’s more!  After picking Ben up from preschool, I figured I could get the ceiling done.  I set him up with a snack and some toys and got the ceiling painted in about an hour.

It keeps getting better!  Ben was being quite good this afternoon and I was able to get half the walls painted too, before I had to pick up the kids from school.  Nothing else got done from that point forward.  The house slowly crumbled to mass chaos and hysteria, or as we like to call it dinner time.

The paint color is Little Bit by Behr, as in I used a little bit of white semi-gloss and 2 samples pots, which is only a little bit, of turquoise paint that we are considering for other parts of the house.  It turned out kind of pretty and since there is so little painted wall it won’t be too expensive to change the color later.  I might do some research tonight about techniques on how to paint and cut in textured walls and ceilings.  Right now I’m faced with going back and touching up the ceiling paint with a tiny artists brush.  Ugh.  It’s not fun, but it will look great when it’s done.

Here’s the short list for this room (in no particular order):

  • fix the caulk around the bathtub  done
  • paint the ceiling  done
  • remove the gunk off the tiles around the top of the room  done
  • paint the walls (which now includes touching up the ceiling) –  almost done
  • refinish the medicine cabinet
  • clean the grout
  • get matching lightbulbs  done
  • get a shower curtain
  • get accessories and art
  • replace the drawer handles
  • re-caulk around the base of the bathtub
  • new to us light
  • new to us mirror
  • new to us vanity
  • possibly new floor tile, one day
  • figure out if we need to have the tub reglazed or if there is a cleaning product that will get rid of the white grime in the tub

I’m hoping to finish up the paint tomorrow and get it pulled back together.  Oh, here is a sneak peak of a painting I’m working on for the bathroom.  More on that later.

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