A Typical Tuesday


A little of this, a little of that.  There seems to be a lot going on right now.  Just yesterday, we had carpenters, painters, contractors, and plumbers here.  The painters were getting the house ready for it’s new outdoor colors (more to come on that later).

That’s Jamie, not the painter. This is from our instigram account. Username is morgenflower if you want to follow our adventures there too.

We learned that when you have a house with big, glorious, open windows, having them taped up really makes the house feel small and we feel slightly claustrophobic.

The carpenters were here hanging the cabinets.  It’s coming along and starting to take shape.

It was a learning experience.  I learned that there are covers of Prince’s song Kiss performed by bluegrass bands.  Who knew?  They did all that they could, but since the drain for the sink had to be moved 15 inches, they couldn’t put in any of the cabinets for the island.

After the carpenters left, a rain storm to end all rain storms started rolling in and chased off the painters.  At this point in the day (around 3 p.m.) the only way in and out of the house is through the garage (the front door had been covered in plastic too).  I heard a knock on the door in the garage.  Surprise, the plumbers are here to jackhammer your floor some more!  It didn’t help that the plumber looked and sounded just like Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. So, it’s dinner time for the kids, there is a huge storm outside and Buffalo Bill is digging a well in the kitchen floor.  Who said remodeling wasn’t glamourous?

Speaking of glamourous, do you want to see what our house looks like right now?  It’s scary, so now would be the time to go to another webpage.  There is no turning back.  Once these images are seen, you won’t be able to unsee them.

The horror!  This is our “pantry” here in the foreground.  Off to the left is our plate, bowl, utensil storage, and back by the fireplace is the catch-all.

This is the sun room.  There are 2 couches, end tables, record cabinet and a coffee table hidden in this picture.  We had to cover it all up because of the amounts of dust from the construction.

This is where we keep all of kitchen essentials, like the blender and milkshake maker.

Pay no attention to the Black & Decker Mouse under the table or the empty cracker package (I had no idea that was there until I saw this picture, oops).  Off to the right is where we cook most of our meals- the toaster.  It sits on the floor in the corner.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the dog contemplate stealing someone’s toast while it was being toasted.

Here is the catch-all.  Paint samples, the stove, dishwasher parts, things that I want to put in the kitchen, shop vac, things that need to be put away, and pieces of unfinished projects.

Ugh, these pictures are so embarrassing.  I promise our whole house isn’t this bad.  I do look forward to being able to walk around the house barefoot.  It’s just so dusty and dirty, but every time we clean it up a bigger construction mess is made the next day, so we have given up a bit.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel though.  Last night was final decision time for the countertops.  If all goes as planned we should have them by the end of next week.  YAY!

To end the night we chased a giant dragonfly around the house trying to get it back outside.  They are great to have in your yard since they eat mosquitos.  Not very useful in the house though.  We eventually got it out through the slider.  The storm had pulled the plastic back leaving a small opening in the back slider for us to get him out.

Just a typical Tuesday around here.


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