Trading for Terry

Maybe not the same as Babe Ruth for cash or Kareem Abdul Jabbar for Junior Bridgeman but it may go down as one of the best trades of all time.

There were many things left behind in the house when the previous owner departed including this grimy and rusted 40-galloon terrarium. We dragged the rock-filled, reptile food-stained glass tank to the garage and stuck it up on Craig’s List for $50.

The next morning it sold to an owner of a Burmese Python, likely saving Florida Everglades from another unwanted resident.

So doing our good deed to preserve the Everglades, the family set off that afternoon to look at some end tables for the Florida room but what we found in someone’s garage underneath comforters and dirty clothes was this sweet gold, green and orange mid-century rocking chair.

The price: $50.

What a great trade!

Meet our newest addition to 321 Space Century Lane: Terry.

Named after the terrarium we sort of traded for it.

2 thoughts on “Trading for Terry

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