Today was a big, loud, wonderful, stinky day.  It was countertop day!

In previous homes we have always had dark countertops.  Our last home had black granite and the house before that had a brown and black speckled granite.  Those countertops were very pretty, however they had one flaw.  When an “early human” makes a messy peanut butter and jelly sandwich and doesn’t clean up the mess, it’s really well hidden on dark counters.  So when the unsuspecting victim walks in and puts the mail on the countertop, it gets set into PB and J.  In this kitchen, I decided I’m done with dark counters. We chose to use an almost white silestone.  There are little beige flecks in it, so even though it’s not pure white, jelly will have a hard time hiding.

I didn’t realize how smelly and loud the countertop installation process was.  We had to open up the house for about an hour to get the smell out and I’m sure we didn’t get it all.

Part of the countertop installation is the sink.  I’m very excited about the sink.  It’s deep, very angular, and has a built in drying rack type of an area.  And it came with all sorts of fun accessories that we were surprised with when we opened the box.

The other very big and exciting part of the day was the refrigerator.  We finally pulled it out of the garage and put it in place.  And by that, we mean our contractor roped the countertop guys into helping haul it in the house.

We are so happy with it. It helps break up the white on that side of the room and it adds a great retro vibe.  I can’t wait to get the finishing touches done, but I guess things need to be more finished before the finishing touches can be done.  The dark wood area to the right is going to be painted white to match the cabinets.  We’ll probably paint all the walls around the fridge white just to keep it clean looking.

There is still much to be done.  The plumber is coming tomorrow to hook up the sink, dishwasher, disposal and ice maker.  The tile backsplash starts next week, hopefully.  Also next week the lower cabinet drawers and doors will be done.  The cabinet knobs will be installed after the doors are on (obviously).  We need to paint the ceiling, walls and the area next to the fridge.  The tile on the floor where the trench was needs to be fixed.  Oh, the stove needs to be put in place (tomorrow), the oven vent hood will be hung when the tile is done and the microwave will have it’s own little cubby crafted for it.  I’m sure I’m missing things, but this list is overwhelming enough as it is.

All in all today was a great day for progress.  It’s amazing what countertops will do for a person’s moral.  Not that I’ve ever sat watching HGTV, crying because my house isn’t done.  No, I’d know nothing about that.




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