The Stereo Room

We have a room that some would call a Florida Room.  We were calling it the Sunroom, but now it’s the Stereo Room.  It has one wall of sliders and opens to the rest of the house through a couple of arches.  We think it was a screened porch that became part of the house.  When we first moved in, it housed our old sleeper sofa, or laundry couch as we have come to call it and the terrarium left behind by the previous owner.

We had bought some furniture for the room, an awesome Magnavox record player, an amazing green vintage couch, some great Lane end tables and coffee table.  Then the kitchen installation started kicking up dust, dust, and more dust.  We moved all of the furniture to one side of the room and covered it up with blankets.  We were trying to keep everything as dust free as possible, especially our high-tech record player.  The room became our new kitchen and started looking like this:

Since so much was accomplished Thursday we were able to start moving things into the kitchen cabinets, putting the food away in the pantry, get the stove into place, and we were able to start arranging the Stereo Room.  We got rid of our old laundry couch, moved out everything that doesn’t belong in there, and vacuumed the rug.  Then brought all the fun stuff back in. We hung our peacocks on the wall above the Magnavox.


The green couch, the stereo cabinet, peacock wall art and the fabulous blue lamp all came from our favorite local vintage store Rocket City Retro.  The owners Nicole and Billy are just as awesome as the items they sell.  I think 90% of the “new” furniture we have bought has been from them.  And, come to think of it, 99% of the furniture we have bought for the house isn’t new at all.  It’s all been previously owned.

The peacocks are our newest additions.  Every time we’ve gone into Rocket City Retro I’ve seen them.  Over time they have grown on me and now I love them.  I have such an awesome husband that he encouraged me to buy them last time we were there.

There are still projects to get done in here.  We want to paint, find another comfy chair (maybe two), some more art, some fun pillows, and we’re thinking maybe some wood paneling for one of the walls.  I don’t plan on having curtains for the sliders.  They’re huge, I’m cheap, and fabric is expensive in large quantities.  And finally, maybe an overhead light.  There is a box in the ceiling right now that is covered with a lovely grey cover.

The rug we used in our bedroom in our last few houses.  The Lane end tables were a craigslist find.  They were the ones we were going to see when we found Terry.  The Lane coffee table was found on ebay.  The chair in the corner is one of the ones we found in the shed, it just needs to be redone.  The vase is my favorite vase.  We bought it at a flea market a few years ago.

So, that’s the Stereo Room for now.  It’s now the cleanest, most pulled together room of the house.  Our glimmer of hope for the rest of the house.


Here’s the short list for this room (in no particular order):

  •  overhead light
  • paint walls, trim and ceiling
  • throw pillows
  • more decor for the walls
  • comfy chair or two
  • record storage
  • refinish chair
  • find a runner to put in front of the door the kids use (to wipe feet on)
  • clean the floors, outlet covers, and the sliding glass door tracks




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