Taking Back the Yard

We’re learning.  Almost everyday holds a new lesson.  Today, don’t start any project until you have taken “before” pictures.  Because when you tell someone you unearthed a new patio they probably won’t believe you unless you show them the before pictures.  Well, today we unearthed part of a patio.  Our side yard to the west has been over-grown,   covered with leaves and home to hundreds of lizards.  There is, what we thought was a concrete walkway that lead from the gate to the back patio.  Turns out that most of our west side yard is patio too.

This discovery probably wouldn’t have happened until the fall if it hadn’t been for the AC dying Friday afternoon.  The soonest we can get someone to come and look at the AC unit is Tuesday, after the holiday weekend.  So we have been spending the mornings and evenings outside where it’s cooler and the heat of the day inside where it’s barely cooler.  This morning Jamie headed out to mow the lawn, so I decided to tackle some of the leaf piles in the yard.  Well, about two hours later and a trash pile that rivals our moving in trash piles, the side yard looks like this (the side where you can see sunlight was the part covered in leaves and branches):

You will just have to take my word for it, this is a vast improvement.  There was leaves and debris all along the fence and it was about 2 feet wide.  Some areas were a little bit wider.

The dark areas on the concrete along the fence are the areas that the leaves were covering.  That is all new patio!  We had no idea the concrete went that far over to the fence.  I love the circle planters that are built into the concrete.  There are technically 3 of them, but one is filled with a tree trunk.

Sorry these pictures are so contrasty, Florida sun is not very forgiving when you are trying to get pictures.  Look at all that reclaimed space!

There was chicken wire running the full length of the fence on this side of the yard.  Jamie worked on getting that off.  He’ll write more about that later.  It was something that made you wonder why one of the previous owners had put it up.  It was buried under the ground in some spots and even had the trunk of a tree that had grown on top of it.  Bizarre.

After it was all cleared I felt bad.  We had just removed the homes of lots and lots of lizards. I didn’t want them to leave our yard, they eat so many bugs, so I headed out to Lowes and bought a bunch of plants and mulch.  I’ll show you the end result after the sun goes down a little and I can get some decent pictures of the side yard and new patio space.


UPDATE:  Check out the after pictures here.

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