Taking Back the Yard: Part 2

Last night the sun cooperated and went down just enough (was there any doubt)  to get some less harsh after pictures of the side yard.

During our trip to Lowes, the kids and I picked up a red ti plant, a philodendron, 2 types of liriope, some type of garlic, and coleus.

The palms were already growing here, so I made Jamie carefully remove the chicken wire that they were growing through.

Now we just need to figure out how to use this extra patio space.

Maybe a little storage container for kids toys.  We could make a little sitting area with potted plants and a couple of cute chairs.  There is always leaving the space open for the kids to use the area like a racetrack for their various wheeled toys.  I guess we don’t have to figure it out right now.  We’ll live with it for a while and in time maybe it will tell us what it wants to be.

One thought on “Taking Back the Yard: Part 2

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