Still Here

Sorry it’s been a while since we updated our progress on the house.  A lot has happened and we plan on giving you full details on all of it, once we get back on track.

  • The outside of the house has been painted
  • We have our tile backsplash now
  • Our range hood went in
  • We have started using our “new” dining room table
  • I painted some art for the front entrance
  • Started work on our super gross linen closet
  • The sink is no longer in the living room
  • The office has had some progress

All these details will have to wait a little while longer, but I thought I would share something that struck me as funny today.  Our contractor and the guy who is making the doors for our cabinets were here today.  I gave them pictures to illustrate how I want the cabinet knobs and pulls to be put on.  I work better through pictures than words.  I’m guessing these aren’t your normal inspiration photos.

This one shows how I want the lower cabinet pulls to all be horizontal.  We bought our pulls from Home Depot.  They remind me of my car door handles from my first car, a 66 Mustang.  Those bows on the curtains are sort of amazing.

This picture shows how I want the upper cabinets knobs to be set slightly higher than what is the norm.  Our upper cabinet knobs are vintage and were bought on ebay.  They are really big chrome knobs like what is in this picture.

Then this picture shows them both together, except I would like the upper ones a little tiny bit higher.  Other than that, it’s perfect.  I was bad and didn’t get any of the sources for these pictures.  They were some of what came up when you google “mid century kitchen”.

I will hopefully be back soon with more updates, but right now I have to go play Cuddle, Cuddle Friends with our 3 year old and his large stuffed animal collection.  He has been laying on the floor yelling “Mommy, let’s go” the entire time I’ve been typing this, which was maybe 10 minutes.  Oh, to have the patience of a 3 year old.

Have a great rest of your day!




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