Learning New Tricks

This past week we painted the office.  We went with Retro Avocado by Behr.  The color was kind of chosen for us because of Oscar the Rug.  We were going to use it as our accent color in the living room.  We bought a gallon of it and were ready to paint.  Then fate intervened when I found Oscar.  Since Oscar is very close to the Retro Avocado, we decided to use the paint somewhere else.  The office was the lucky winner, it’s a great color.

It looks much brighter in our office.

When we paint, we divide and conquer.  Jamie rolls and I do the brush work (because is Messy Marvin, he’s been known to get paint on stuff when not painting).  The other colors we have used in the house (Groovy Grey and Glass of Milk) have covered with one, maybe a light second coat.  Retro Avocado on the other hand is pure color and required three coats of paint.  So much fun when you are cutting in a textured wall that meets a textured ceiling.  I usually paint the trim first, then cut in the wall color, and then follow up with the touch ups (I always have touch ups).

With the wall being very green and the trim being very white I knew any little imperfections would be noticeable (mostly to me).    Past experiences with our textured walls of trying to tape the trim and cutting in the wall color usually makes for lots and lots of touch ups.  I knew that technique wouldn’t work.   I got creative,  it worked and I thought I would share it with you (if you haven’t already thought of it or seen it somewhere else- I haven’t seen it anywhere, but I also haven’t looked either).  I started with this method of painting crisp stripes on a wall and adapted it for painting trim.

First I painted the trim, waited for it to dry.  I taped off the trim with blue painters tape.

Next, I went around the room and painted a quick coat of trim paint on top of the paint to seal the edge of the tape against the wall.  I waited for it to dry thoroughly.

After it was dry it I painted the three coats of the wall color and let them dry (I didn’t want the wet paint on the tape to mar my trim).  Jamie removed the tape by going very, very slowly.  We just wanted to make sure it didn’t pul up any paint with it.

And behold, it worked beautifully!  It was a lot of work, but with how many laps around the room we had to do it was totally worth it to not have to do touch ups.

We will be back with full room shots of the office.  It has started taking shape.  I love it when an idea works.  You end up feeling like a superhero for the rest of the day.


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