The Kitchen Finale

It’s done!  Technically it’s been done for quite a few weeks, again I’ve just let life get in the way of posting the finished pictures.

I can’t believe we lived in the house during all the construction.  I guess I’m really good at suppressing memories.  Towards the end, I was sure the guy who made our cabinet doors was going to quit because of all the nit picky things I would hit him with first thing every morning.  I’m sure our contractor talked him off the ledge a few times.


I love our decision to not have upper cabinets on the wall with the range.  I never realized how claustrophobic they made me.  Cooking feels so open and airy now, I love it!

I used to think under cabinet lighting was a waste of money, but now I don’t think I could live without it.  It’s like curtains on a window or a well placed rug.  It just adds that something to make the room feel warm and loved.  I love it too.

The microwave under the counter is awesome.  It took me a few times to figure out how to use it, since I don’t read directions on power tools and appliances.  The placement is great.  Out of the way of the person at the stove, convenient for the kids (when they are old enough to use it), and not a feature of the kitchen. Ok, I love it too.

kitchen done 2

I love the wood.  I love the countertops.  I love the pop of green.  I love our fridge.  I love the storage.  I could go on and on, but I’ll stop.

kitchen done 3

There are things that I don’t like or would have done differently.  The main thing that bothers me is something that can’t be helped.  Due to code restrictions we have to have 8 electrical outlets on the countertop alone.  I think I counted 15 outlets total in the kitchen that are either new or moved.  Overkill.  However, I’m sure I will like it if I ever decide to use every single appliance that I own, plus a few power tools and a glue gun all at the same time.

The only other thing I would change is to add recessed lights by the refrigerator.  It can look a little dark over there now that we have the beautiful lighting on the other side of the room.

I created a short video of the the kitchen’s progress over the 3.5 months that it was being worked on.  Enjoy!

The Kitchen from morgenflower on Vimeo.

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