Picking Colors…Again

front 6

I mentioned yesterday that we had the outside of the house repainted.  It was actually one of the first things done for the house.  The original color was a beigey peach color with flesh undertones (I can’t figure out why pictures don’t truly capture the color accurately).  OK, it probably wasn’t that bad.  Let’s just say we didn’t like it.  Since we were painting the inside ourselves, we figured that we could splurge and have someone else paint it.  Plus it was July in Florida, were there’s 95 percent humidity at 8a.m. Think of all that mess!

front before

We had to pick colors.  You know how well we do that.  Here are the swatches on the front (this was taken after they had started painting).

exterior colors2

We were leaning towards dark trim, white accents and a lighter base color.  We had browns, blues, blacks, beige, greys, and a really dark brown. What colors would you pick?

exterior colors1

Here are the swatches on the back of the house.  More browns and greys.

exterior colors3

After much debate, painting swatches, painting bigger swatches and standing in the yard squinting at the house using a tree and our hands to try and see the big picture, we chose the above color scheme.  The grey (Ashwood by Benjamin Moore)  is for the body of the house.  The dark color is for the trim and accents (its a color that we custom-mixed to get the perfect bittersweet chocolate color).  And the white is for the eaves and beams.


The painters taped up the all the windows and doors.  The house felt so small with all the windows covered up.  They were covered up for four days, thanks to some rain and me adding more work for the painters.  They thought we wanted everything painted one color.  I had a nice surprise for them when they showed up that first morning.


Here is the side of the house with the living room windows and bedrooms.  All the windows have panelling under them, so I wanted the paint scheme to accentuate them.  The painters were not expecting the extra work, but were very nice about doing it (of course the extra money we had to pay probably helped).


This is the back of the house with the dark brown painted, but nothing else.


house painted1

Here it is, almost done.  You can see the permit board on the right from our kitchen installation and the windows are full of who knows what.

after b

Here’s the back of the house all done.  You can use the shed for comparison, since the house used to be the same color.  It will get a paint job too, eventually.  We have a lot of plans for the back yard, but it will be years in the making.

PicMonkey house1

Here’s a quick before and after.  This is before we painted inside.  The new paint colors let the architecture of the house stand out and it lets the coral on the front be the star.  When we landscape the front the greens of the plants we choose will pop off of the grey background.

after2 b

And here is the front with the new color in the hall.  Our next project will be the landscaping of the front beds.  We also need to find some cushions for the chairs on the porch.  I found those at our closest Habitat Restore for $10 each.  There are two more in the back yard.

If I can get my photoshop to work I’ll put together a little plan of what we are thinking for the landscaping. I don’t want to tear out the old bushes until we have the new ones.  Not because the front will look naked.  Not because I’m trying to streamline the process and do it all in one day. No, it’s because I don’t want to scare away the lizards for too long.  Yes, I’m weird.   Jamie has been very sweet and has not made fun of me for it.

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