Oscar the Rug

A hunt for a living room rug has been going since before we moved into the house.  We knew we wanted something that was comfy for our toes and felt right for the time period of the house.  Our first color choice was green, the same green that is in the rocking chair, Terry.  We searched Overstock, RugsUSA, Home Depot, Urban Outfitters, Ebay, Etsy, you name it.  We found a lot of rugs that we thought looked right, but we didn’t want to spend $400- plus on a rug that would take a beating from 3 kids and a dog.

We found a rug on Ebay that we fell in love with and thought it would work perfectly with the room.  Thanks to the “make-an-offer” option, it was a steal.

The orange is not quite right, but we were hoping that it would compliment the couch and that it would be OK.  We were wrong.  It just didn’t work. So, back to the drawing board.  This rug found a home in a different room (more on that later).

On Tuesday, after getting completely frustrated with finding a cheap rug, in the right color, with the right amount of vintage vibe, we broke down and ordered an area rug from Home Depot.  It was something cheap, neutral, slightly shag like and would be here sometime in the next few weeks.

Mmmmm, beige.

Well, sometimes life likes to mess with you.  After you give up and settle for something, you suddenly stumble across what you’ve been looking for all along.  Or at least that’s what happened today.  I had an hour to kill after visiting Home Depot for our bi-weekly trip before I had to pick Ben up from preschool.  Oh, my, what’s a thrifter to do with an hour of alone time?  The toughest decision I had was which thrift store to hit.  Goodwill won since I hadn’t been there in forever.

I always start a thrifting trip the same way.  I start in dishes and cups, work my way through the holiday decorations, move on to baskets and wood items, then through pictures, linens and bedding, and I finish with the furniture.  Today, waiting at the end of the thrifting rainbow, was a pair of old shag rugs.  I may or may not have run to them when I saw them.  One was green (10’x10′) and the other was blue and green (7’x10′).  They both looked hand hooked and in great shape.  And at $60 for the pair, there was no doubt they would be coming home with me.

I tried my darnedest to get them into my cart, but the cart was too small.  I was petrified that if I left them, someone else stronger would nab them both.  So I took the price tags off of both of them and took off for the registers, still petrified that someone else would get them.  I think all the employees there thought I was crazy.  I know I stumped the guys who loaded them into the car for me.  They were surprised by my age.  They thought only people in their 60’s would be interested in such amazing rugs.  Ok, so they didn’t say that last part, but they are amazing rugs.

Oscar’s first photo in our home (via Instagram)

I’ve named the green one Oscar.  He looks great in the living room.  Just the right size, color and price.  I may or may not have jumped up and down a few times since getting them home.  I may have punched Jamie out of excitement too, but I don’t remember.

It is so thick and soft, I love it!  All we need now is some anti-slip stuff to put under the rug (it is very slippy) and a cool coffee table.

We have several places where the blue and green rug will work well. Now, it’s off to the adventure of finding out exactly where it will live.  Thankfully it’s light and easy to move.

Oh, about 3 hours after I got these rugs home, Home Depot called.  The rug we ordered is in.  Oops, I guess I’m going to have to return it when I pick it up.


Stop the Presses!

We have a color!  It has taken more than two months and 20-plus paint samples to finally find one that we both think looks right.  We started with whites. I thought that white-ish stark walls would really make the bright colors pop, but then I started to worry that too much white would make them pop too much.

We even went as far as buying a 5 gallon bucket of Glass of Milk by Martha Stewart before I chickened out of white.  We ended up using it in the boys rooms, so it didn’t go to waste.

I played with the idea of a light grey next, then taupe and beige. I mixed my own colors one day trying to get just the right feeling.  What makes it even harder is that I worry too much about stuff that really doesn’t matter.  I always have.  Is grey too trendy?  Is it too cold?  Why does the beige always look peach?  How did I manage to custom mix the exact color that is already on the wall?  Maybe these colors aren’t fun enough.  Does this color say mid century modern surfer?  Am I being too trendy by trying not to be trendy?  Will the kids think “oh remember when mom went through her (fill in the blank) phase”? Will this color be enough to unite all the rooms while still fading into the background so the art and accents can pop?  Yes, I’m crazy.

I even asked the super nice people on the Friends of Atomic Ranch Magazine what they thought.  The popular colors there were white, grey, a shade of green, and turquoise.  So today we made a trip to Home Depot and collected even more samples.  Brighter colors than what we had been originally thinking.  I picked out a pale green, pale turquoise, a pale yellow and even a pale pink (who knows, it might be amazing).  Come home and slapped them on the “sample wall”.

We’ve been using this wall as our sample wall so that we could see the colors with the couch.  This picture makes it look so much more red than it really is.  I don’t think we will ever get an accurate picture of this couch.  You might notice the construction pile is much smaller now that we are, fingers crossed, a week away from being done with the construction part of the kitchen.

We also wanted to see the colors against the fireplace.

The pastel colors that I picked up today just aren’t right.  Not the look we are going for.

NOTE from Jamie: For two months we couldn’t agree on a color. It’s probably the most we’ve ever been in a disagreement about something. In the 1950s, colors were colors. Solid colors. Blue was blue. Not Smurfette blue summer-breeze! I found a color palette online and wanted to stick to a deep, rich solid color. To avoid Morgen’s flavor of the week paint scheme, I would just wait her out. But after a couple of weeks, I realized the colors – weren’t getting any darker. So finally, in the interest of getting some paint up on the walls by Thanksgiving, we agreed that if she picked out five finalist paint colors, I would pick the winner. After painting carnival-blue cotton candy and banana creme pie on the wall, I was happy she left a couple previous samples in the running. I should have snatched up her idea weeks ago. The color we picked really helps accent the furnishings and lets everything in the house shine.

The color is one that I custom mixed, so I guess we get to name it.  Let’s call it Groovy Grey.

I guess the hard part is over.  Now we just need to paint the inside of the house.  Thankfully the “sample wall” offers the right amount of incentive to get it done.

Yes, after all of that we picked grey.