The Waiting Game

It’s Thursday.  After lots of last minute scrambling, lost documents, forgotten conversations and strange requests we are sad to say closing won’t be tomorrow.  With the 4th of July next week, closing probably won’t be until the 10th (at the earliest).  Which is good, since we have the storage unit scheduled to show up on the 13th, Friday the 13th.  So, here is to another weekend, week, 10 days of waiting.  But hey, what’s waiting an extra 10 days when you have already waited 196.

To get our mind off of things we are going to go “camping” in Kissimmee this weekend.  By camping I mean sleeping in a fully furnished, air conditioned cabin with cable, bathroom and kitchen.   We’ll take the boys to a place that we only go once every 6 years or so, Gatorland.  It should be fun, crowded and hot, but fun.  And just what we need to get our minds off of things.

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