Cart Before the Horse

We haven’t closed, don’t have the keys and don’t know when we will, but we know it’s just a matter of time.  My poor husband is losing sleep over all sorts of irrational fears that something is going to go wrong with the financing in the 11th hour.  Petrified that we didn’t answer the “Why do you want to buy a house” essay question right .  Yes, we actually had to write a letter saying why we wanted to buy a house right now.  He wrote something eloquent.  I would have answered with, “I want to by a new house because I’m tired of cleaning this house and I can no longer live in this pigsty”.

Since one of the first things we are going to need is a real functioning kitchen, we decided to meet with our contractor now rather than later.  I thought I would share some of our inspiration that we passed on to him today.

The house was built in 1965 and is a beautiful mid-century modern ranch.  We want to keep with the simple modern lines of the house and put in a clean modern kitchen with some fun vintage touches.  Like the Big Chill refrigerator:

 The over all feel we  I want is open, bright, clean, and relaxed.  I found this image on Desire to Inspire (via Pinterest) and fell in love.

Love the wood, the lack of upper cabinets, the white, how open it feels and how relaxed it feels.  We plan on getting stainless appliances.  I wish we could get a range like the one in the picture, but we have a very curious 3 year old who would make it his mission to learn how to work the stove.  And since we have no desire in having our house burn down, we are going for controls in the back.

To break up all the white we plan on putting in a full wall tile backsplash in a yummy green, like the next inspiration picture.

I found this image on Pinterest and was a bad pinner,  I don’t know where the original image came from.  I really do try to pin from the original source, but sometimes they just slip by.  Anyway, we have ordered some samples from various tile shops to find just the right green for us.  On my husband’s laptop this green looks  much different than it does on my laptop.  The only way to know for sure is to order samples.

The kitchen is a U shape.  Along one wall will be the range and no upper cabinets.  Across from that will be the sink and it looks into the dining room, again no upper cabinets.  The wall that joins those two areas will have upper cabinets.  However, they will be all white like in this kitchen:

Our contractor seemed a bit excited about doing a kitchen that wasn’t your typical kitchen design.  I know I’m excited and I really hope it comes out as beautifully as I imagine it in my head.  But, before we get  there we have to actually own the house.

Are you good at keeping things in the proper order, or are you like me and plan things way before it’s even time too?

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