Kitchen Plans

The cabinets are going in today and I realized that we haven’t written much about our kitchen plans.  I’ve written about faucets, knobs, trenches, garbage disposals, inspirations, and even fake kitchens, but not our plans for the kitchen design.

The kitchen started out as a U- shaped kitchen.  We wanted to open it up and create an island.  Which explains our trench.  The island will not have a breakfast bar.  Since the dining room table will be right on the other side.  The sink and dishwasher will be in the island.

We are only going to have one wall of upper cabinets.   This may sound blasphemous to some.  “What? What about all the lost storage?”, you may ask.  Well, we thought about it.  Between the lower cabinets, the pantry cabinet, the weird storage closet next to the fridge and the one wall of upper cabinets we will have more kitchen storage than we have had in all of our previous kitchens combined.  I’m actually wondering how I’m going to fill it all up.  It will also help us keep the things we love and give away the things we have grown past.  Keeping life more simple.

The wall the stove is on will be all subway tile in a yummy green.  It’s where we are brining in the color.  We can’t live without color.

Here is a sneak peak of the cabinets so far:

Ok, that was technically this morning.  I’m waiting until they have more done before I share more, teeheehee.

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