The Devil is in the Details

About a week ago we gave the ok to have the cabinets ordered for the kitchen.  The estimated date of delivery is somewhere around August 16, give or take a week.  So we have been trying to make sure that we have all the details ordered so when it comes time to install everything we have it and don’t have to wait.

Today’s task was to pick out a faucet.  Who knew there were more faucet options out there than there are stars?  One handle or 2, 8″ spread or 4″, 1 hole or 4, maybe 3 holes, low profile or high goose neck, maybe a pot filler.  Just plain crazy how involved a faucet is.  But I didn’t go into this blind.  I knew that we are going for a  mid century inspired kitchen with a Danish feel.  With that in mind I narrowed the search down to a low profile faucet with 2 handles.

After stopping first at Retrorenovation to get an idea of the silhouette I wanted, I then ventured on to Home Depot.  Most of their faucets just didn’t fit the bill.  There was this one:

I wasn’t fond of the handles.  So, I went back to Retrorenovation and dug deeper.  I found this post about which faucet Pam used in her own retro kitchen.  She used a faucet from Chicago Faucets:

I liked the look of it, but knew that I wanted 2 handles.  I spent the next hour or 2 searching Chicago Faucets website trying to narrow it down to what I wanted.  I eventually got it down to these 2:

I like the handle design on them both.  They remind me of little rocket ships and since we do live on the Space Coast I figured that would be a fun touch.  I wasn’t fond of the metal piece that the first faucet sits on, but I did like the curve of the faucet.  The second one doesn’t have that piece of metal, but the faucet is a bit higher.

I ended up choosing the second faucet and ordered it, but now that I’m sitting here writing this I’m wondering if I made the right choice.  Maybe I should order both of them and return the one that doesn’t fit with kitchen.  Maybe I should stop stressing, I mean it is just a faucet right? Ugh.

I think too much. Please tell me I’m not the only one.

2 thoughts on “The Devil is in the Details

  1. You are not the only one. Usually your gut is right — and either faucet is beautiful. I love my Chicago — it seems to me to be terrific quality and I like quality in something I use so frequently, like a kitchen faucet!

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