The Dust Storm Continues

More dust. More noise. More hiding in bedrooms.

The tile backsplash came down today.  I thought, silly me, that the work would be done with some sort of delightful chisel with minimal noise.  Nope, it’s done with a small jack hammer that knocks the tile off the wall, were it falls to the floor with a very loud crash.

This is where we started this morning:

No, if you push on  the medallion behind the stove nothing magical happens.  No secret doors or hidden treasure. Not even a giant boulder that tries to roll you over.  Nothing! It’s very disappointing. Notice the dust outlines of everything that was on the counter yesterday.  Yes, we had to wash EVERYTHING in the kitchen.

Here is the after:

Again, silly me, I thought walls would still be up after the tile came down.  I didn’t realize we were going to the studs.  Everyday is a opportunity to learn new things.

Note that the trash can is not white, that’s dust.  That’s what the whole house looked like.

I’m not sure what that white area in the wall is. The dining room (we made it an office) is on the other side of that wall.  Maybe it was a pass through, a door, maybe a window and the room on the other side was added at some point?  Who knows.  The mysteries abound.

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