The “New” Kitchen and Bathroom

First let me apologize for the quality of the pictures in this post.  My camera was the last thing on my mind this weekend.

The timeline went like this:

  • Thursday: Appraisal done on house, fail.  Needs a kitchen, functional 3rd bathroom, all exposed wires capped (and there were a lot, the previous owner took EVERYTHING), light fixtures, holes in walls fixed, no exposed cement, fix dry rot on the side of the house, etc, etc.
  • Friday Morning: Panic.  Start looking at other houses and other states to live in because this is impossible.
  • Friday Afternoon: Talked off the ledge by our realtor and contractor.  Given new hope. Go to the house and start cleaning.  Wishing we had hazmat gear to clean the bathrooms.
  • Saturday: Clean for 4 hours in the morning.  The work crew showed up and took over for the rest of the day.  Learn that there has to be a fridge in the kitchen.  Thank goodness for Craigslist.  Things are starting to look hopeful.
  • Sunday: Clean off the roof.  Pay a visit to the local ER.  Have fridge delivered to the house. By the end of the day the kitchen is done, the bathroom is almost done, all wires are capped off, some lights put up, house is mostly clean, chimney is fixed (bonus- which is good since the remnants of Tropical Storm Debbie are going to be hitting us for the next few days), fridge is in place.

Which brings us to today.  Our goal was to have all the hot spots done by this morning so that the appraiser could come back in the afternoon and gush about what a wonderful job we did (more on that later) and be able to close on Friday.  Hey, miracles happen. I thought I would show you pictures of our befores and afters of the kitchen and bathroom.  Once we have the keys to the house we will show you all of the house, but until then this will have to do.

Kitchen Before:

The kitchen needed everything.  Thankfully our contractor had just about everything sitting in his warehouse and let us borrow it.  They patched the wall, replaced missing tile, painted above the tile backsplash, installed the cabinets and sink, made it look like we had a cooktop and stove, and capped all the exposed wires. It looks like a real kitchen now.

Kitchen After:

Bathroom Before:
Where the real magic happened.  It’s probably better that this picture is blurry.  It is pretty scary.

They put in a vanity, a toilet, mirror, lights, peel and stick laminate tile, patched the holes along the floor and in the tile, tiled and painted the exposed cement board, patched and painted the walls, and somehow made the whole bathroom functional.  It’s not our dream bathroom, but it beats the 3rd world feel it had before.

Bathroom After:

I didn’t get a picture of the shower because one of the work crew was finishing the flooring.  I tried not to be in the way.

So, as of noon the house was clean and ready to go.  All we needed was the appraiser to come back and pass us.  Well, sometimes people have jobs they don’t really enjoy.  Turns out our appraiser had no intentions of coming back out since he wasn’t going to get paid for the reappraisal.  Now we get to wait and hope that someone new will come out in the next couple of days and pass us.

**UPDATE**:  WE PASSED.  An appraiser came out Tuesday afternoon and said it all looked good!  Now lets hope that we can get closing done before the 4th of July.  Just about everyone is taking that week off. If it’s not one delay it’s another.

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