Legends of the Hidden Temple: Part Two

The shed is cleaned out.  It was hot dirty work and not for the faint of heart.

First, let me blow you away with the after photos.  If you need a refresher of what how bad the shed was check out this post. Lets start with the left side of the door when you first duck in.  We decided to keep the sliding glass doors.  We have a couple of sets of doors that will eventually need replacing and these might just fit.  I’m going to reuse the metal shelves and baskets (after I clean all the grime off of it).

This is looking to the right of the door.  We haven’t tested the fridge yet to see if it works, but if it does it will be getting sold on Craigslist.  That little pile in the back corner is brand new tile.

The pile next to the door is also tile.  Possibly replacement tile for the master bedroom.  We are going to keep them just in case.  Never look gift tile in the mouth.

We plan on finishing the walls and adding vintage looking linoleum tile (or at least that is the plan of now).  The shed will be part art/photo/etsy studio for me and part something else since I don’t need all that room.

During the clean up I kept finding lizard eggs.  I moved them all, trying to be careful to keep their orientation right, so they wouldn’t get swept out with the rest of the trash.  I found 20 of them.


There were lots and lots of lizards.  I guess it’s possible there were only 10 or so and I just kept finding their hiding places.  Which ever it was they did not seem to appreciate all of my hard work.

We cleaned out a lot of trash.  I really tried to only throw away things that were broken and not possible to use.  Everything else is going to be donated.

Now on to the hidden treasures.  These weren’t as small as the Home Depot card, so they weren’t as hard to find.  First we found 3 Clifford Pascoe chairs.  You can read a little bit more about the history of them here.  They need a lot of love and attention.  We might sell 2 of them and refinish the third, but not sure yet.

And the best, most amazing thing that we found in the shed is …

…a feet stool with Mickey Mouse socks!  Don’t try denying it, you know you want one.  I’ve already scared myself once with it.  Those shoes glow in the moon light and it was the last thing I was expecting to see standing outside the back door at 10 p.m..  I just need to shine the shoes and vacuum the seat and it’s already for my dad for Christmas!

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