Adventures in Lighting, Part 2

A quick recap of our last post:  we bought a spray painted sputnik light, had it sandblasted, had the stem lengthened, hand oil stains, we ended up spray painting it.  Well, that took a lot less words than the last post.

Our adventure continued when we wanted to actually hang the light in our dining room.  See, we have these lovely vaulted ceilings with beams, which means that there isn’t an attic or crawl space to go up into when we want to hang a light.  Lucky for us there are already wires sticking out close to where we want the light to be.  Yes, lucky for us.  And this is where the “old houses are harder” lesson continues.

Since we don’t tend to be very handy and prefer to keep all of our digits, we asked our contractor to create a box for the light to hang from.  We are difficult and wanted it to hang between the beams, so they had to create a faux mid-beam beam.  Jamie suggested, before we get the whole thing hung, that maybe we should test the wires and make sure they work.  They didn’t.  Our contractor thought they were almost original to the house, so it’s probably for the best that they didn’t work.

So, now we have a hole in our freshly painted wall, light sockets hanging out of the wall, and a half finished box on the ceiling.

Turns out there wasn’t anything wrong with the wires.  Previous owners were at fault.  Some where along the line, someone put in a 4-way switch and wired it wrong.  After the electrician got it all straightened out, he lengthened the wire, put a hidden junction box in the wall and reinstalled the right type of switch. Maybe it isn’t that old houses are harder, it’s hire a professional to do the wiring.

The painter came later and patched the hole and repainted it for us.  That made me ecstatic, since we had painted that very spot a little less than a week ago.  He covered the wires, painted the new beam-box, and patched the small part of popcorn ceiling that came down when they were uncovering the wires.  We have plans for that popcorn.  Eventually it will be gone.

The light is up now.  It’s beautiful and makes the dining room inviting.  Before it was kind of looking like a table sitting in a walk through area.

Since I waited so long to finally post this the fun star bulbs we ordered came in.  Behold our finished sputnick:


Now for some beauty shots:



Let’s get a closer look at those light bulbs…

Just in case you can’t tell, we are very excited about our new light, or is it lights.  Either way, it’s awesome.



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